Friday, June 6, 2008

Something you won't see...

Well, I have closed the poll early I had added to this blog. According to the overwhelming number of votes I received (a grand total of 2) it looks like people would like to see a new design for

While it is primarily an information site, I still feel very strongly that it could use an update—especially with the release of Breaking Dawn and Twilight the movie just around the corner. I have been trading emails with Seth Meyer, Stephenie's little brother, who is the webmaster for the site over the past few weeks to see if it would be possible to help him with getting a new and updated look for the site. I offered to do the design work for free. No charge. I have some extra time on my hands between freelance projects and work—plus, I am a huge work-a-holic—my wife can attest to this. Here's the kicker—Seth says that Stephenie has no interest at all in changing the way the site is. Huh? Are you kidding? It's like having a car, it gets you from point A to B, the paint's a little dated and the leather's a tad faded and cracking, and there are definitely some miles on it—but it's a good car. Then, out of the blue, someone offers to do a lot of work on the car—new engine, new paint, new interior—the works—all for free, no strings attached. What do you do? Do you stay with the old car or do you take a chance on the "to good to be true" new car offer? Below is a sample of one of the few pages I put together for Seth.

Maybe enough people will read this and agree with me. Maybe Stephenie will change her mind. Maybe.


Gina said...

The layout looks amazing! Don't forget the Twilight Lexicon. I'll pass the message along. :D

shannon said...

i think it looks awesome also, great job!