Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Supporting Those We Love

(All, this is a copy of a post from http://www.supportstepheniemeyer.blogspot.com—please enjoy this post and check out the new blog)

Dear fans,

Let me preface this post with a sincere thank you to all of the many Stephenie Meyer and Twilight fans who have joined us in supporting the cause of supporting her in all her endeavors, no matter what they are. We are over 1,350 supporters deep and the names are still coming in. We sincerely appreciate all of the thoughts and comments that you have made since we went live with this blog. YOU are amazing—don't let anyone tell you different.

Now, onto the purpose of this post.

Ask yourself this question. What do you do when you've read the Twilight series several times and seen the movie at least as many times. How do you pass the time while waiting for the next Twilight book or movie to come out? You could re-read the series again, sure. But, why not spend your time with another obsession? Another obsession? Is there such a thing among Twi-hards? Sure there is—and for one fan, It's a small television show called American Idol.

Before my wife was addicted to Twilight, there was (and still very much is) American Idol. She has watched every season since the beginning. If anything, she is the ultimate American Idol fan—at least in my eyes. So, while she waits for the release of the next Twilight film (which is going to rock) she spends her free time blogging (among other things). She is now what I would call a seasoned blogger, even though she's only been doing it for less than a year. One of her latest blogs is following this season of American Idol. You can read what she has to say here: http://www.followingamericanidol.blogspot.com. I support my wife's American Idol addiction as much as I support her Twilight addiction, and because I support her in this, I feel the need to share her passion with everyone I can.

If you can pull yourself away from your tattered, torn and tear-stained copy of Twilight, I would encourage you to check out Following American Idol and support my wife in her latest blogging adventure. Follow American Idol through the eyes and emotions of the biggest fan that I know of, my wife, Heather.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. Did I mention that Heather has a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward in our room? He likes American Idol. too...


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Kate said...

Too funny about Edward liking American Idol!!

I enjoy watching AI too!! It is refreshing to see a husband support their wife even with fun and silly adventures!! ;)