Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Wife Heather—A Cullen-Convert

I have to admit, I am impressed that my wife has gotten into the Twilight series as deep as she has.

She is waiting until the end of May to buy the third book, Eclipse, because it will have the first chapter of the fourth book at the end of it. She hates reading the majority of the second book, for obvious reasons. She belongs to a book club in our neighborhood and has many Twilight addicted friends. She even has one of the Bite Me t-shirts.

I am sure that her Twilight obsession is fairly mild compared to some out there, and thank goodness—the last thing I need is a life-size cutout of Edward in my bedroom.

My wife Heather—a Cullen-convert.


sandi said...

this site is great! I need to get my poor hubby to join. He is a great sport about my obsession as well.

Kristin said...

I heard about this blog....couldn't resist checking it out since it has to do with my beloved Edward and also offering the support to my loving husband. :) I'm also part of the obsession and I've been trying to convince my husband that I'm mildly obsessed compared to others. It's always good to see and know that he and I are not alone in the Twilight world of "Cullen Converts" and their husbands.

Kate said...

I'm very mildly obsessed but getting more obsessed each day!! I do like the idea of the Edward sized cardboard cut-out in my room, just not the Edward in the movie, the Edward that is in my head! lol j/k

I think the movie Edward isn't that great looking, they (the producers)could of done worse but give me a brake...he looks like a wimp! I hope after seeing the movie, he changes my mind. I guess we'll see!

Great job on the blog by the way!
I'll bookmark you on my blog...