Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Well, Heather has had her copy of Breaking Dawn now for almost 24 hours and is half-way through it. After picking up her copy last night at Barnes & Nobel shortly after midnight she read until around 3am and then went to bed. When the kids woke up at their usual time of 6:30, I took them downstairs and let Heather sleep. She woke up around 9:30 and went straight to reading Breaking Dawn again. Anyways, it's almost 8:00 pm and Heather's back to reading. I am "watching" the kids—they are being entertained by a movie until they are ready for bed. Fun.


McKenna said...

What a great husband. Mine not only let me read it, but let me read it out loud to him. The whole thing.

CMalone said...

Jeremy the Great,

Thanks for making a blog for the neglected husbands of women who love Edward Cullen. It's a great blog they can come to for solace and sympathy. My husband has felt the frustration of loneliness for the past month.

I have to admit that I came to the Twilight party a little late. I had vaguely heard of the books and thought they might be a bit too juvenile for my tastes. However I was convinced by my nieces that it was worth the effort.

The week before Breaking Dawn hit the stores I purchased the other three books and read non stop. Wow! I was hooked! The next day Breaking Dawn came out and I picked it up at Costco and read it in 17 hours straight.

I'm now a Twi-Hard fan. Thanks for the Vampire Support.

Hip, Hip Hooray for Stephenie Meyer. Long may she live!

C.A. Malone

By the way, I sent an email to add my name to the list of Stephenie Supporters.