Saturday, May 3, 2008

Support Your Wife's Obsession Tip #1

Here's a good tip for all you guys out there wanting to impress your wives and show her that you really do love her and support her addictive obsession, otherwise known as Edward.

The next time you can, get a piece or two of ice, and without letting your wife see what your doing, rub the ice on your lips until they are good and numb. Timing here is essential—if you wait to long, your lips will return to their normal temperature—but if you rush over to your wife without taking the time to at least wipe the excess water off your lips, she's bound to think your nuts—or something. With perfect timing, you'll be able to slip next to your wife and give her an "Edward kiss"— or, as it should be known, a [your name here] on-the-rocks kiss.

Try it, you never know where it will lead...


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, when I was talking to your wife earlier today, at The Host signing, this kiss of yours came up, and of course was a big hit.

Kate said...

I'm sorry but I just had to give a little chuckle about this one! Good and Cute little idea but still a little funny to say the least.