Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Support Your Wife's Obsession Tip #2

Stephenie Meyer, The Host and four cold hours in the wee morning.

Trust me, this has everything to do with supporting your wife's obsession. If your wife has memorized the Twilight series and is looking for something to pass the time until Breaking Dawn comes out, you'll understand.

This past Tuesday morning (May 6th) at 8:00 tickets went on sale for a book signing and Q&A session with Stephenie Meyer promoting her new book, The Host. There were two Barnes & Nobel locations selling these tickets, 500 per store. My wife, Heather, was planning on purchasing a ticket (which included a copy of the book), but didn't expect to get hit with the flu. I, being the loving husband that I try and be, offered to buy the ticket for her—this was my idea and did not come from my wife at all, I need to make that clear. I called the store and discovered that there were already people camping out in line, waiting. Oh, crap. Twi-hards.

After some discussion, we both decided it would be best for me to simply wake up real early and go and get in line. I was more than willing to go the night before and simply sleep in line, but I didn't want to leave Heather alone without any help, as our youngest was sick as well. So, 4:00am rolls around and I roll out of bed. On the road and at the store at 4:40am, I could smell the blood in the air—yeah, call it cliche, but I like vampires, too. There was already a line that snaked around the building, and into the depths of darkness between the other stores. I made my way to the back of the line, plopped down and tried to stay warm. Other's followed in my footsteps. I was about 70 or so people back. The group in front of me was busy being entertained by watching Keira Knightley's version of Pride & Prejudice and laughing at the vertical struggles of Mr. Collins. I eventually broke the ice with the people around me and conversations and a cool card game followed. As time wore on, the sun started to come out and after 20 or so minutes of really, really cold wind, we found a little life coming back into our limbs. To make a long story short, as I am tired and needing to get to bed, the store opened on time and we slowly—and I do mean slowly—made our way inside to buy our tickets. There was a little panic and anticipation as we saw people leaving the store with multiple copies of the book, each containing a much-coveted ticket.

But, in the end, all that mattered was that I was able to get a ticket and a copy of the book for my wife, and one for her friend and her friend's sister.

And then I went home, showered and went to work.


Spaceman Spiff said...

my friend belle turned me onto your blog. i'm reading the books so i can understand the whole thing and it is becoming clearer now. me? jacob. i may never fully understand but it is becoming clearer with each page. thanks for the pointers, they really do help. i want to try the ice cube trick right now...

sandi said...

you're a good man, charlie brown :)

you sound a lot like my hubby. He would have done the same for me. He has waited in lines many times with me for the Harry Potter books and movies...and now my new obsession.

unfortunately, Stephenie is not coming anywhere close to me for this book tour.

Anonymous said...

I still can barely believe you sat there, all for your sick wife. You are one caring husband. You are a true Twi-Hard-Husband. Just too perfect for your own good.

Gina said...

Hiya Jeremy! I'm so glad we were able to meet you in line that morning. I had such a good time with everyone. I love the set up with the picture of us in line...very classy. And thanks for the link, I have forwarded it to my husband. You are a wonderful husband supporting your wife and waiting in line for her when she was sick. Keep up with your blogging, I'll be checking back often. Keep smiling!